The Ultimate Challenge

Death will be beautiful, if you know how to communicate with death.
It is like being dissolved, falling again into the source of the being to relax and renew yourself.
It means vanishing into the source of existence and join with God. And you
will be born again, until you become awakened...
a “Buddha”
Such death has the essence of the eternal in itself..  Thinking is a consequence of fear. The more fear you feel,
the more you think!
But love dissolves fear just like light annihilates darkness.


The Crescent Moon - The Story of Romantic Mystical Poetry. "Moon" is poem of the heart flowing forth from the flute.

If you have loved, you do not worry about death,  but you die with a smile on your face.
You have lived your life, you have loved, you have bloomed. There is nothing to regret...
If you reach death through love, death becomes a supreme orgasm!

Death is a great opportunity that can lead you to immortality.
Use this threshold to meet the divine,   but do not desire anything!
Desire is
the hurdle, that prevents you from accomplishing the Samadhi,
the sublime fruit of enlightenment.

When you die, you disappear, shapeless – the river fades into the ocean, becomes infinity.
If you hold on to life, death shall appear as death.  But if you don’t,
death shall be a liberation, deep ecstasy, endless joy ...

A really true man is capable of turning death into a love story

Death must be celebrated. You must enter the kingdom of death without fighting, without resisting.
You must accept death and die in deep abandon. Only that way you may meet the mystery in such a beauty
that cannot be compared to anything else! To die conscious means knowing that nothing dies.

Die with a smile on your face and full of gratitude,
for all that life has given you!

Shwedagon Pagode, Yangon / Rangoon,  Birma /  Burma, Union Myanmar


Life is only a dream and it disappears, sooner or later. But one thing remains – your capacity of observation! If you are conscious when you die, the entrance to mystery shall be open for you. Remember, there is no death, the wave cannot be separated from the ocean! There is no such thing as death, there is only eternal life...  In fact death is insignificant!

If you have loved, if you have lived in tune with the divine, death shall be a climax,
the crescendo of existence, and you will see that death does not exist!


Death will be defeated by those who are willing to die at any moment and do not oppose any resistance.

Death is the revealer, takes any mask off your face and makes you conscious,
that all your relations
and bonds were simple cheats. Death lays you bare!
He who dies conscious meets the endless flows of life,
while those people who lived unconscious
... will become crazy!

Death is, in fact, only a consequence of your holding on to life ...    If you die conscious, death cannot do you any harm.
Life is a tragedy only because of your unconsciousness ...  Therefore, meditate anywhere and meditate in your solitude!

If you can turn sadness into joy, you may turn death into resurrection.


Joseph Ratzinger’s enthusiasm against the death penalty  is important: "It would be more appropriate the fuck in the ass!"  Faces Of Death - God Is Calling, Don't Hang Up! Hang Time With God ... We get fuckt up and later we burn?  - Pope Boys Basketball Team "Fuck God, guns and Christians". Whoever said he wanna fuck the cat is an idiot!
"God dam ... hmm ... what a fucking zoo!"

"Better to be one day a faggot then 100 years a sheep"!

Live, love and turn everything into a deep ecstasy,
and all you fears shall fade away.  No-one ever died no-one will ever die!
The so called religious have created death, creating the fear of living inside you!
This is the strategy of the so-called saints, the secret of their “business”. 
Priests have poisoned your body, turning into a corpse ... 

But if you really lived and loved, your death shall be a final ecstasy

and it shall be incredibly beautiful!

The more you will experience, the more you will mature.
Move to all directions – be a wanderer and do not let go of the opportunity to live!
Only the idiots are not capable of living in the here-and-now, they think of the past
and imagine the future,
because they do not dare to live!


Don’t be a coward, don’t worry about the consequences. Life must be a love story a poem full of faith and activity. Therefore you can meet the ecstasy of death only if you have known the passion of life. Death is the greatest lie ever invented. Those who investigated deep into existence, declare that death is God, a resurrection, the opening onto a new life. Death is just a rest, it is the path to become young again – and you will be born again... Death proves that your power was only apparent, it has no influence whatsoever once you face death.

Only what goes beyond death is real power.

Only what is more powerful than death is real.
If you can accept death and your heart is ready to accept it,
and if you receive it with warmth,
death will be beautiful!



There are coward people who, scared by death, kneel down and turn to God to complain. But there is nothing more false than death.  Death must be known, met and lived. But we run away from shadows. And the more quickly we run, the more quickly the shadows run after us. Death is our shadow.  You can’t run away from a shadow, nor can you defeat it, simply because it does not exist... Be conscious in the moment of death. If you can be conscious in front of death, the fear of death shall dissolve. Therefore you cannot defeat death, you can only win against something that exists. To enter death willingly means to realize the meditation  - “samadhi”. It is an invitation to death, out of your own initiative.

Religious Order of Born-Again Christian Monks.
To defeat death means to understand its non-existence!

Jesus never hesitated to proclaim the beatitude of those who suffered ...

"You're more charming
when you're drunk ..!"

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The idiots are often capable to declare such things that intelligent people cannot understand. Look into their eyes! You will not notice the slightest spark of intelligence nor any flame of vitality but only stupid, idiot, thick people. Life cannot bloom from dead things. It never happened for anybody to be enlightened through rituals and dead statues. Look for a living Buddha! Close your eyes and you will find him inside you. The Buddhas are immortal, they are always there – look for them.  Do not let your heart be weighed down by statues, doctrines and words – all things dead and deceased. God is never outside you. God can only rise “inside you”! Anything else is a fake God. You must dissolve inside him rather than pull behind you dead wooden shapes. Always look for your spring, only there will you find reality!

Hitler's Power

True sanctity rises from love. When someone loves, his love expands everywhere. A river flow can be channeled, regulated, but love is ocean-like, spreads and expands in any direction. There is a center where the wave is originated, but love shall not be limited to this point. It is a growing phenomenon, the stone has been thrown and now the wave expands to infinity. Therefore the loved one becomes the entrance to the universe. Love reveals the divine in you, and at that point everything, even the statues of Buddha, become sacred. If love happens to have fallen upon you, then you will know that Buddha is everywhere – and then, the whole world shall be a temple.

Receding stars? Expanding Universe? There is no doubt that as we look deeper and farther into the cosmos

The tree grows to reach the sky and expands to reach infinity. Its flowers spread their fragrance everywhere. Love is the greatest tree, its expansion has no limits. The nature of love is endless. If you love, you do not fear death, because you know death inside love. It is a much deeper death, a wonderful experience, such a blessing that even the death of the body can be accepted, because you know the beauty of being dissolved. You know the art of dying with joy and beatitude, and you receive death with love. Love doesn’t know what death is, it only knows life. While you are dying, love and death shall come like a wonderful ecstasy. Die with a song in your heart ...

... why worry? - you better sing !!



Your well reaches the ocean down deep. So you will be rejuvenated and bloom.
He who gives will always stay young. Sinners are much more alive and daring than the so-called saints. 

The so-called saints are not really religious, they are coward and full of fear.
They live within a deep unconsciousness,  which is itself the source of sin.
If you are really religious you do not worry about heaven or hell.
Sinners are sincere and willing to take risks!

A real saint is always humble because he knows he is a sinner himself ...


c  o  n  t  i  n  u  e . . . Berlusconi said that love always wins over envy and hatred.

Two trials against Berlusconi for tax fraud and corruption, and soon another ... moved shortly after his recovery ... Dinosaur skeleton makeup Mafia and wild parties - The culture of corruption - If Berlusconi had tits, he would also be the presenter ...  Welcome to Mafia-Death. Your role as a Mobster is to work your way to the top by yourself.
Calmy Rey -  Moon-Light and Mafioso Cat; Not really, but I'm glad, I make a journey to "The Golden Land". ...
Calmy -Rey: "I have no idea about the mafia in Italy? But Berlusconi is the chicken that laid golden eggs ...
I think everyone should be judged for what he did.
Should count actions, not words. If we give credit to the speeches,
we would all be good and beyond reproach.
Giovanni Falcone
Welcome; Complete your Sign-up! Go and catch a falling star.

  In the mean time, chickenmafia decided to free their last chicken. ...
"Fuck! - If mafia would be in the government, what kind of laws they would introduce?"

My list of fucken MAFIA & GANGSTER NAMES
Scores of Mafiosi into jail
Mafia Boss Luciano Liggio about mafioso Bernardo Provenzano: He shoot like a god, it's a sin that he has brain of a chicken "...
Bernardo Provenzano
                          Vampires exist. I can think of numerous cases ...
Mafioso - Leoluca Bagarella    From  Corleone, one of the most ruthless mafia killers.
Leoluca Bagarella

Mafioso Benedetto Santapaola "Hunter," was one of the most powerful and bloody Mafia leaders in eastern Sicily.
Benedetto Santapaola

Mafiosi Giovanni Brusca:  A fierce mafia killer and responsible for tens of murders.
Giovanni Brusca
One should totally fulfill its duty till the bottom,
whatever the sacrifice is to endure, cost what it may,
because there lies the essence of human dignity.
Giovanni Falcone
Honeymoon Packages to Mafia Island 
"I do not understand, "na Minchia" but I feel the same shame!"
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"My little brother saw me jerking
and he wants me to tell him what I was doing!"


Vampires exist. I can think of numerous cases ...

Salvatore Riina: the Corleone mafia boss - The Psychopath, Sentenced to 12 life sentences.
Salvatore Riina

"The big dick Theory"
Thoughts to ponder about the spiritual and erotic life
of mentally adversely affected individuals  ...

Mafia Killer masturbation - a perfect party game!
Mafia hardcore power


The Mask of Sanity

Hervey Cleckley

Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.

How will you live your life?

still a problematic diagnosis?

Concerning the prohibition of human cloning

did you know that the percentage of rational dogs

is greater  than that of rational Homo sapiens?

Scientology - Like any paranoid psychopath Ron Hubbard was incapable of admitting mistakes! The flying monkey, a view from the trees ... Scientology, an outlet for the Rich Fucks

"Scientology" - Tarjei Straume

The Psychopath as a Medical Doctor
statement by Ron Hubbard

Ron Hubbard's war against Jesus

Hubbard claimed that the most evil, deceptive and vicious spirit ever to tread the earth was Jesus Christ

Scientology does not appear to leave much room for love, empathy, compassion, or genuine affection


Ron Hubbard's idea about human beings beginning to incarnate in a different galaxy, is a totally absurd contradiction in terms by any standard of logic or common sense.
After the space-operatic apocalypse seventy-five million years ago, the evil galactic emperor Xenu transported freeze-dried victims to Earth in space vehicles, whereupon he thawed them into fiery volcanoes and blasting them with hydrogen bombs.  When the tough and resilient Thetans had survived this, Xenu proceeded to fill their souls with all kinds of implants, which in Ron's terminology is a euphemism for false and illusory images and concepts.

The most pernicious and damaging of all implants was Christianity

Xenu had incarnated as the obnoxious pervert Jesus Christ in order to enslave humanity even more with his preposterous religion. For this reason, the Church of Scientology has always endeavored to win as many converts from Christianity as possible. In Scientology, Christ is Zenu the seducer, enslaver, and liar, and Buddha-Antichrist, Lucifer-Source Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the liberator, the savior, and the best friend man ever had. It's as simple as that ...

Lafayette Ron Hubbard was a paranoid psychopath who dabbled in the practice of black magic.
He suffered from psychotic spells and suicidal depressions. His followers have left an unending trail
of psychoses, suicides, murders and bizarre deaths!

Concluson: Scientology is a business. Scientology is lying. Lying is Scientology!

Scientology church devoted to the vampire religion.
 Rose - love awake lyrics; when someone comes across the curiosity that is Winter Rose
A white winter rose in bloom, with an angels face - Benevolent spirit, now your free as a dove
"History as Romantic Art"

 The Secret Hitler-Stalin Pact ... The mystery of Hitler's death.  Let's do it together, the revolution of the heart ....

Welcome to Death - the last taboo ... Attempts to understand death and its ramifications have generated much controversy.
The Wall of Fire - "Scientology under fire? ...
Materials science to religion - Judaism as a way of life - the Jewish art of dying. Pigs are kosher?
The very attempt to parade and masquerade itself as a kosher creature which earns for the pig its unique status among animals.

Organic farming> pigs! Unfortunately, this lack of places to raise the cattle humanely.
The icon for the action! Discussion forum for analytical psychology and culture.
The Propaganda of Scientology -- "Playing for Blood..."

Calmy Rey - Vampire's Blog - Through My Thoughts you'll discover who I am ...

Adolf Hitler persecuted consistently Jewish gays!
They had to wear a pink-yellow Star of David ...

I'm gay too!

I need your love like water in the desert. If love was an incurable disease ... I'd be dead already! ...


It 'a matter of style, but thieves are thieves, liars in the grip of corrupt politicians ... Jew Roger Schawinski: It needs a bit 'of time ....

Monkeys perform consistently on different tests of intelligence – a hallmark of human IQ
Faggot News
"Coming out" - Projekt!
The first part of the Pig's life will be happy. The second will be upset and confused and his plans will often miscarry.
Monkey World, the chimpanzee rescue centre!
The favorite film of the Jews: "Away with the Wind"
Adolf Hitler: The posture of apes and monkeys should be undertaken only by experienced zookeepers!

The Official "Mad Cow Disease" Home Page
On the crisis of  "mad cow" ... A storyteller, which is political. ... It was, they came with the sublime cows' milk - outlawed ...
A little 'a comedy of Art with an Jewish radio- protagonist in Zurich, unfortunately covered by the latest cry of terror ...

“Chinese Wisdom“

... loves the challenge and rarely makes mistakes. She has an excellent business sense. The snake pursued their goals with sometimes ruthless determination. Thanks to her will and her fixed understanding she must usually not wait for success. She cannot bear setbacks, and is a very bad loser. The snake is very possessive and extremely jealous, is very seductive, has style, grace and understands it, sent important people to impress.

Snake in the Monkey's Shadow  is a game  based on the Ape Escape.

... is very inventive. He is well read and knows so much. The monkey is also a convincing speaker. It is not difficult for him to convince others of his views. The monkey isn't afraid to be dishonest and to lie. He makes crooked things when he is sure to get away without harm. He will use every opportunity to fool his opponents. For the monkey it is not hard to make money properly. And if too many rules and commandments inhibit him, he quickly feels unhappy.

How do you say "Fuck you" in Jewish: "Trust me!"

Gift vouchers for children's experiences, ... GOING WILD. ADVENTURES TO MAKE POLITICS FUN    

A jewish dog  is a dog, who practices the jewish religion, but that is just a guess ... Jewish telegram: 'Begin worrying. Details to follow.'
Social Democratic Party - City of ZURICH

Two children ... not very wise but otherwise very funny!

These days to say around, that one can do his job well, is a danger for entering in politics. Pussy, full of Shit this work,
I care about! We are falling in a crisis of conscience, perhaps? No, in a crisis of hunger ...

Cocky, stay calm, do not fuck yourself because then it hurts! Politicians know how to do their job according to you? Can you also say that we've killed men, women, old and stupid or not?

Pussy, look, a hearse - a bold gesture, eh? What were you doing this morning? You've worked hard ... eh? Damn, Cocky, you're right, what a stupid dream - appears to be night, quasi quasi one can dream also ...

Scientology: When I masturbate, I always use my left hand-with or without lube!If it is true that we Jews also are descended from monkey, I'll change to Scientology!
Who can tell me what means cerebral masturbation? ...

It is euphemism, which reveals the mental functioning in the Scientology sect
and is evident among Jews, who try to convince themselves
that nonsense is a truth instead!


"Three monkeys surprised " not only in content very positive, but above all the Ladyboys ...
"Three Monkeys On The Palm Tree"
 There's a finest
film comedy in town ... !

"Hey Micheline, why do u call me ballerina? Roger,  any Fairy that can lift his leg over his  height is a ballerina"! "Dollar and a dream" is probably taken from the film: "Hey, you never know"...
Micheline Calmy-Rey is  Swiss  head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs ... The fact is money and the need to feel good about yourself ...
Witches Sabbath - Jews with satanic rites, the worship of demons, ritual murder, black magic ...
Psychopaths are often witty and able to express themselves!

A particularly funny character is a  small jewish clown, who climbs on a too high palm tree ...

Some suggest that we should use Jews greedy villains,  instead of dogs to sniff out large amounts ...

They are about as convincing as an 1 dollar drag queen ...  I prefere to stay an Ladyboy
I'm proud to be a Drag Queen, an All-in-One lover. A cream puff chocolate cake will always make me wow - I'm too much man for you!

"Visit the Mad-Cow-Facts to find the latest on Mad Cow Disease"
A visit to the Socialists (City of Zurich) drag queen, live sexy show ...
for real queens of the party!

It 's always a great experience and fun, to look at the participation of politicians and sophisticated intellectuals, who wish to be considered as shoulder of the pig. Especially funny are the monkeys, of course, but there is also other different type of (Socialist Party - Zurich)- livestock disease in the area. In summary: structural similarities between different species are known in biology as "Homology"! The Darwinists try to maintain these similarities as evidence for evolution ...

“Chinese Wisdom“

... is very imaginative and his ideas they will never stop. Many rats were outstanding journalists. The rat has a tendency to opportunism and is constantly trying to increase his wealth. He is very economical and is often stingy. Moreover, the greedy rat tends to hoard things. He is often very critical of other - and it happens that he use confidential information to his own advantage. The rat often makes the mistake of too many plans to pursue at once ...

... was born under the sign of honesty. It hates any form of discord and disagreement. It is hopelessly sincere, almost to the self-destruction. His language is honest and accurate to the point. Falsehood and hypocrisy, it abhors. It firmly believes in justice as well as on law and order. Many pigs take a career in show business into consideration. The pig is sometimes naive and gullible. The pig is usually lucky in life and it lacks a rule of nothing!


Hi, I'm an ugly jewish whore, who is just jealous of more sexy Titty! The policy can be done with the cows ... The definition "The Art of Comedy"  was created to distinguish the theater ..
If you think to love me, it must mean you love me in my own way!
Sympathy for Jewish Fucking Soul Company :: Masters Of Afterlife


Ratzinger at the wailing wall in Jerusalem ... The Pope toiled away on the Jewish skeleton project ... Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin (Expanded ... ) For Jews, death is natural and inevitable, not a curse. Your jewish beauty is the way to describe the miracle of your glory, fearfully and wonderfully made. An rabbi ask Jesus: Is it true, that we descended from monkey? Jesus: "You ashoole for shure, me definitely not!"At the wailing wall: A Jew goes to the psychiatrist - the doctor tell's him: "'you should have come earlier" ...
"Oh My God Adolph ... they're standing at a wall, and doing such movements which are usually used for fucking;
... as if we didn't dumpster-fuck them up, thoroughly enough yet?!"

Shit, fuck victim is ok, but what does this have to do with Jews? In Memory of Victims of Halloween. The satanic  "Star of David"  - The hexagram in use with in the occult and in the rituals and worship of a long list of satanic cults. Do you write "WHORE" with one "R" or two? - The German: fuck that,  I usualy say "Dear Madam"!
The Diary of Anne Frank

"The Jewish satanic Art is subtle and insidious,
because the devil lurks in the form of anonymity!"

Corruption (lat. corruptus - bribed)

is in the legal sense the abuse of a trust relationship
into a function in government, law, economics, politics,
to obtain a tangible or intangible benefit, which is not legally justified.

Corruption is bribery and granting of a bribe.
In a broader definition of corruption it also means
"moral depravity"... !

   Film "Planet of the Apes": The whole monkey gang roaring | Culture!

"Jews believe ... that God appointed them to be his chosen people,
in order to set an example of holiness and ethical behaviour to the world"...??!
Pedigree thoroughbred query for the Jews, progeny and family reports from the genealogy database of the horse pedigree Query ...
Death Valley - National Park ... If you are prompted to heal Jews, then it is one that must be healed for disease ...Correct behavior in case of fire is not hard ... The first is to discover the smoke as soon as possible!Almost everything a Jewish person does can become an act of worship.

الموت يكشف الاسرار وقد كشف موت ...لذلك

It's what you do that counts...
"Sorry, I'm negative"
Wolf embraces the death - Crying Wolf - Hate Crime
I hate all of you!

Falling Tits

You should accept death with joy ... it is one of the biggest events of life!